Professionals – Designers and Manufacturers of Offices and Libraries

These beautiful offices and libraries is manufactured in Grade A Woods and is custom designed to specification. The styles vary from Modern Interiors to French, Georgian, Country Style Libraries and Offices. The choice is client specific creating for you one of a kind individual style. The color can be changed from a light to dark wood finish using different wood species that suits the specification. A painted finish can be applied if required. All carcasses are solid A-grade wood with cabinets made with closed wood side panels on all sides. Solid cabinets are incorporated into ceilings and bulkheads. Imported hardware and hinges are used and is client specific. Custom drawer inners are chosen to suit office needs such as hanging files and pencil drawers.

We have manufactured beautiful pieces for many different offices, libraries and boardrooms all around the world including FNB, Nedcor , Presidents offices, Embassies and Private homes. Every commission enjoys the same attention no matter the size.

To maintain the furniture,  you can simply use oil-based wax or a dish wash liquid damp cloth for painted finishes.


Width – Custom Designed

Height – Custom Designed

Length – Custom Designed

Options – to be discussed


To maintain these pieces a simple oil-based wax (Mr Min) applied with a cloth.