Louis Vanity

Stunning black marble Regency vanity the inspiration of this style comes from a period of 1811-1820 where Prince George became Regent – this was a period of classical furniture. It was then the fashion to copy actual furniture of the classical Roman and Greek times. The furniture can be fitted with Winged Griffins, lions heads, animal legs, Roman Gods: anything that was popular in ancient Rome, Egypt, or Greece. Furniture had moved from natural evolution to return to Classical form. The settee returned to a couch with scrolled ends supported by sphinx heads on lions legs. The style is thousands of years old and still remains a popular choice for today’s clients.. these pieces are TIMELESS…

These pieces are completely customizable and can be chopped and changed to the client’s will. Marble is imported from all over the world.

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Louis Vanity manufactured in South Africa in solid mahogany and stained to your colour.

Size: Custom Designed

Finish: To be selected from variety of colours

Marble: Stone tops to be selected