Wishbone String Chair

Beautiful Oak chair with a more contemporary Contemporary art deco design.

Stain in a mahogany 1 stain.

the entire chair is hand stitched.

We are able to completely custom-design according to size, color and fabric choice..

the fabric used here is an indoor fabric it is versatile and great for people catering to guests or people who are having guests in a lounge or office….

this chair is also the most well priced of all our chairs

To maintain the chair a simple oil-based wax will work to maintain the structure of the chair.

This will fit in any Lounge or living room setting.

This chair will be complimented with this piece Contemporary Oak Table.


Width –700 mm

Height -760 mm to the back

Height -540 mm to the seat

Length -720 and 620 to seat mm

Wood Options – to be discussed.


To maintain the table simple oil-based wax will work to maintain the table or a cloth



the chair is made in honour of the Designer. PJ